About us

How we started

Company V-ELIN d.o.o. electronics and informatics was established in 1992 under the name ELIN d.o.o. with headquarters in Zagrebačka 29 in Čakovec, Croatia by founder and CEO Gordan Vrbanec, Ing.el. Company’s activities include designing industrial electronics and automation systems.
In 2001 the company moved to a new location in Preloška 25 in Čakovec. In 2001, due to the frequent mix-up regarding the company’s name, the name was changed and the company is now registered as V-ELIN d.o.o.
In 2004 we acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
Today company’s activity of manufacturing and supply also covers manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems, maintenance and repair of electronic circuits, devices, etc.
In order to improve product quality and system feasibility we pay special attention to innovation and work on innovative ideas. All our products’ designs are based on experience and customization gained through numerous implementation and experience.
In production, our team is oriented on new solutions, products and research that meet newest technological needs and trends in the world in the energy and water supply industries.

What we strive for

In the next period our main goal is further growth of production and services in accordance with customers’ needs and market requirements, employment of young, highly educated people, and development of our own products.

Development as a constant

V-ELIN d.o.o. has been successfully operating in domestic and foreign markets for twenty years with a wide range of products and services, and with our own maintenance service. We are constantly evolving, and gradually expanding our activities.
Product and service quality is ensured by the installation of excellent and controlled components and spare parts, as well as years of experience and our knowledge.
The company is active in various industrial sectors; electrical, metal and food industry.