Panel at JKP Vodovod Valjevo

By the invitation of JKP Vodovod Valjevo, on June 23rd 2017 in Valjevo, Serbia we have presented the production assortment of V-ELIN. Particular emphasis has been put on products for remote monitoring and control of water and sewerage systems. Management representatives and technical staff of JKP Vodovod Valjevo attended the panel. The presentation contributed to a successful discussion with a series of practical examples and mutual exchange of experiences. The common outcome is that cooperation must continue with mutual benefit.

Presentation at Economic chamber of Macedonia

On June 20th 2017, a presentation was held at the Macedonian Chamber of Economy in Skopje on “Remote Monitoring and Control and Remote Measurement”. Thirty representatives of municipal public enterprises, public administration representatives and energy sector representatives attended the presentation. Whole event was characterized as very successful, and separate meetings were held with interested representatives.

17th international conference “Plumbing and Sewerage Systems – Jahorina 17″

From May 24th to May 26th 2017, 17th International Conference “Plumbing and Sewage Systems – Jahorina 17″ was held in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the conference, CEO of V-ELIN held a presentation on remote monitoring and management in water and sewage systems. The presentation was very well attended, and a large number of participants also visited V-ELIN’s exhibition space. Visitors have shown great interest in equipment from our production program.

Participation at “RENEXPO Water & Energy” conference

During the period 25th to 27th April 2017 “RENEXPO Water & Energy” conference was held in Belgrade, Serbia. As a part of this conference, the following small conferences were also held: 2. Conference on Waste and Drinking Water, 4. International Conference on Biomass Energy, 4. International Conference on Hydropower, and Conference on solar energy, garbage energy and electric vehicles.
Over 2,500 participants attended the conferences in three days. Also over 100 companies were hosted that are official manufacturers of equipment in these areas.
The conference was also attended by representatives of V-ELIN and we presented our products. V-ELIN products were rated as very innovative and most conference participants showed great interest for them.

Presentation at the international conference “Water Losses 2017″

In hotel “Aristos” in Zagreb, in the period from March 29th to 31st, an International conference on losses in water supply systems was held. Conference was attended by over 150 experts in the field of water supply from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At the conference, company V-ELIN was presented as the only Croatian manufacturer of equipment for measurement, control and remote control in water supply and drainage. Special emphasis was made in sphere of remote systems for managing and measuring.
CEO of V-ELIN mr. Gordan Vrbanec held a session on the topic “Remote monitoring and management of the water supply system and sewerage system”. The session was met with positive reactions of all present.
In addition to mr. Vrbanec’s session, V-ELIN systems were mentioned in presentations of other experts as a positive example of cutting-edge technology solutions made by great use of local knowledge.

V-ELIN Ltd. received charter for successful work

On 21st November 2013 at the ceremony of celebrating 60th anniversary of the Electrical Engineering Society Zagreb, our company V-ELIN Ltd. received a charter and is assigned a status of honorary member in recognition of work in the field of electrical engineering and contribution to the profession. The ceremony was held at the Old City Hall in Zagreb sponsored by Mayor mr. Milan Bandic. Charter was received by CEO of the company, mr. Gordan Vrbanec.

Turbine regulator revision on HPS Banieya (Republic of Guinea)

From 21.04. – 01.05.2012 CEO of V-ELIN Gordan Vrbanec has visited Africa, The Republic of Guinea for auditing purposes of turbine regulator at the local hydro power plant Banieya. Turbine regulation on HPS Banieya consists of hydro-mechanical equipment and electronic regulator MER, where a prior state showed that both aggregates of hydro power plant were unavailable for use. After 10 days of continuous operation, both turbine regulators MER work well and reliably, and with regular maintenance will fully meet the requirements of the facility.

3rd International Symposium on Environmental Management

On 27th October 2011 we are participating in the 3rd International Symposium on Environmental Management, held from 26th to 28th October 2011 at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb. CEO of V-ELIN mr. Gordan Vrbanec in cooperation with mr. Damir Žibrat (Nivelco) will present a deck on the topic “The working principle and the practical application of ultrasonic level transmitter systems in water and wastewater.”

NIVELCO seminar in Zagreb

In hotel “International” Zagreb on 13th October 2011 a technical seminar on principles and applications of modern instrumentation for measurements of pH, dissolved oxygen and other analytical values​​ was held. The seminar was attended by over 100 participants, and technical presentations were held by Damir Žibrat, (NIVELCO), Gordan Vrbanec, ing. (V-ELIN) and Mateo Čečuk, (ELMAP).