Flow measurement at Knauf Isolation

Measuring the flow of wastewater is frequent in places with difficult working conditions. Wastewater characteristics, such as sediment, mechanical impurities, aggressive chemicals, etc., are causing difficulties while measuring wastewaters. Measurement of water flow in open channel has a fundamental advantage that possible contaminations can easily be removed and installation and maintenance of the measuring system are much simpler than the measurement in closed conduits.

The system of flow measurement in open channels consists of three basic units:
- Hydromechanical profile
- Fluid level measuring system
- Computational unit for calculating the flow

Parshall flume is delivered completed and made of chemically and mechanically highly resistant plastic material. The material is also of very high quality, which prevents the accumulation of dirt on the channel walls which gives high accuracy over a long period and requires no special maintenance.
This ready- made flume has to be installed correctly on the bottom of the channel, usually in a manhole.

The probe accuracy class is 0.2, 1 cm resolution. Beam width is 5 °. The probe is in IP68 housing, and if necessary, can be washed with tap water. In case of emergency and if the probe is submerged, the measuring will stop at that moment, but as soon as the situation normalizes the measuring will continue normally and the probe will remain valid.

Process unit is a central part of the system where data on the level is stored and measurement sizes are processed and calculated. The measured values are locally displayed on the LCD screen. VEMOGS process unit is made in SMD technology and is designed for industrial applications. Based on the known geometry of Parshall flume and water level, the unit calculates the flow through the Parshall flume.

Move keys left / right to pass through the screens on the display:
- Current water level
- Current water flow
- Cumulative flow rate 1
- Cumulative flow rate 2