System for remote water level measurement at HPP Gojak

Measurement of the water levels consists of two measuring points: Bistrec spring and Pečina spring.

Measurement is carried out with hydrostatic probes and a remote unit of our in-house production. The system is powered by PV modules and the data transfer is conducted via GSM/GPRS mobile network. The measuring system is combined of two remote units. Functioning of the entire system is defined by system parameters. Parameters are adjustable.

The remote computational unit has a primary function of collecting and transmitting data from the probe through GMS/GPRS communication. The unit has an integrated battery charging regulator through the PV module and an alarm that indicates when the unit’s metal cabinet door is open.

Along with the data on water level and temperature, the remote computational unit collects and transmits the data on battery voltage and alarm when the unit’s metal cabinet door is open.

The remote computational unit is built in a way that energy consumption is minimal for the continuous transmission of data to the server.