Anti-allergy air purifier

It has long been known the impact of air ionization in the nature to a human. In the nature the best condition is after thunder showers when it comes to atmospheric discharge and increasing of negative ions that refresh and stimulate. In enclosed spaces (offices, apartments) there is even less presence of negative ions especially if these areas are built of reinforced concrete, if you are using central heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, if there is cigarette smoke pollution present, low relative humidity, etc.

To people who are sensitive to climate changes, and to people who suffer from allergies such conditions significantly reduce working capacity. Some symptoms of reduced amounts of ions in the air are: fatigue, loss of concentration, depression, neurosis, migraines, insomnia, chronic fatigue, difficulty with respiratory organs, feeling of suffocation …

A sufficient number of of negative ions is not only essential to life but the ions bind to pollutants and allergens, which are positively charged, such newly created particles fall to the ground and are being removed from the air we breathe. All of the above is a good reason to think about fixing the microclimate in an artificial way.

Artificial ionizing of space enriches the air with negative ions, thereby vitalizes our cells, improves metabolism, increases the power of concentration and vigilance, reduces fatigue, increases resistance to diseases (allergies, asthma, headaches, insomnia) and creates a nearly perfect imitation of nature.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum consumption of a device is up to 1 W.
  • Device dimensions 18x17x9cm