DC power system, INA-MOLVE

Battery charger and distribution system is designed for uninterruptible power supply coverage in industrial plants. The system is designed to work in very difficult industrial conditions.

The supply voltage is 230V and the output voltage is 24 VDC +10%.
The system is designed to have two groups of batteries and each group can operate independently of the other group.

System of battery charger and distribution of 24 VDC consists of:
• power supply unit AC / DC
• control unit for battery charging
• under voltage relay
• rectifier diodes
• circuit breaker
• contactor
• auxiliary relays
• rotary cam switches
• signaling
• instruments for measuring current and voltage

VE-PSU 400-24 is a high quality high-performance industrial power supply. The power supply is designed to work reliably in very difficult industrial conditions. It is designed as a DC voltage source for industrial devices. In combination with the battery charging control unit VE-REG, it is not necessary to regulate the output voltage since it adjusts on the VE-REG unit.