Monitoring and controlling system, VARKOM

The measurement of water flow is performed with two flow meters, two pressure gauges and VEMS remote station of our own production. Data is transmitted via GSM / GPRS mobile network.

The system is powered by an independent PV system and battery designed for stationary systems. Functioning of the entire system is defined by system parameters, which can be changed if necessary to enable better system functioning.

VEMS GSM-RS remote station has the primary function of collecting, processing and transmitting data via GSM / GPRS communication. Along with the information on flow and pressure, remote computational unit also collects and transmits information on the battery voltage. Remote station is designed to have minimal power consumption while transmitting the data to a web server.

VEMS DI8 digital input unit has the function of collecting digital signals and data processing.
VEMS AI8 analog input unit has the function of collecting analog signals and data processing.

All data is available online via computer or smart phone. A login password is provided to access the data.