Electrical shepherd

Electrical shepherd is power sourced electrical fence for keeping animals size of goat to size of cattle.

Electrical shepherd is connected to a standard 230 V power supply, or to a 12 V DC power source. It is characterized by low consumption and high reliability what is provided by the work concept: On the primary side of the device pulses with controlled energy and frequency are being generated, and after that they are being transformed into high voltage. Animals that touch the electric fence experience the unpleasant electric shock, and after that start to avoid the fence. That kind of electric shock has absolutely no health effects to animals, neither to people if they accidentally touch the fence.

Specifications of electrical shepherd EP1.01

Pulse voltage: 10kV
Pulse frequency: 1Hz
Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
Dimensions: 160x120x80mm
Weight: 1,6kg
Connected power: 2W
Output energy: 9J

Specifications of electrical shepherd EP2.01

Pulse voltage: 10kV
Pulse frequency: 1Hz
Power supply: 12V
Dimensions: 190x145x70mm

Electrical shepherd EP2.02 12V + regulator

Has regulator built inside the box, suitable for connection to photovoltaic modules, small wind generators…