Sewage pumping station/Pumping station for process water

Sewage pumping station is used in waste water systems and serves to raise water level in the drainage and systems for process water.

Electrical equipment consists of a control cabinet with the power section of the equipment, and computational unit with logic control and remote communication unit (optional). The pumps can be controlled locally or remotely, and automatically or manually. Automatic controlling depends on input parameters which can be liquid level, flow power in the pipeline, pressure in the pipeline or pressure vessel or any other parameters for automatic control.
Energetic part can have power supply from two or more supply lines with automatic system for power source selection.

The pumps are switched on directly, with systems ʏ/∆ and via soft-start device (depending on the customer’s requirements and the size of the pumps).

The control panel includes process signalization for basic system functionality parameters and measurement instruments for voltage, current or by the customer’s requirements.

Each pump has a switch to select the mode of operation. Operation can be MANUAL – 0 – AUTOMATIC. In automatic operation mode, pumps are being switched on selectively, depending on their number of working hours.

The computational unit also holds a communication unit via GSM/GPRS communication interface (optional). The user is required to provide a SIM card for data transfer and storage place on the server.

All the relevant information about the work of pumping stations is transmitted in real time to a server and can be presented on any computer or smart phone that has been granted access via an access password. Manual management of the pumps is possible via access approved computer which limitations depend on the actual level in the pumping station. The control limit determines the computing unit in the pump station, depending on all system parameters.

The capacity and number of pumps is varying, as required by the user.