System for compensation of reactive energy in industrial plants

Why is necessary to install reactive energy compensation?

  • In industrial plants the consumption of reactive energy is charged separately and stated on energy bills
  • Reactive energy is additionally burdening cables and wires

What is reactive energy and when does it occur?

Reactive energy is generated as a result of magnetization in electromotors and transformers, and other similar consuming devices.

How to reduce the cost of electricity?

As a counterweight to the inductive consumer devices (electromotors, transformers …) it is necessary to install capacitor batteries and associated switching equipment intended for compensation of reactive energy. Often in practice this issue is accessed superficially and unprofessionally. There are different tutorials with short instructions on the installation of such systems, but without focused and professional approach result is often only partial or even worse than the initial, because even the “excess” capacitor batteries consume reactive energy, so your account balance instead of reduced may be even higher.

Therefore, our approach is studious, comprehensive and includes measurable results. The first step is review of electricity bills, then review of reactive energy consumers and in the end recording of reactive energy consumption.

The selection of the size of compensation and installation

There are several different ways of installing the compensation, group compensation and individual compensation, also permanent, periodic and automatic compensation. Selection and installation location is carried out after measurements and budget analysis.

A good example of reducing the consumption of reactive energy is seen on the plant before and after installation of compensation system. It is evident that the reactive energy consumption is reduced by 12 kVAr.

Such a studious approach is a guarantee of a success and quality.