VEMOGS – processing unit

VEMOGS – PROCESSING UNIT is designed for connection to digital (RS485 – Modbus) measuring probes. The processing unit is used for processing, displaying the measured values​​, signaling, control and transfer of measurement values to other devices in the process. It unit consists of:

  • central computational unit (a system for measuring, collecting, processing, and displaying of the measured values, 2 analog outputs and RS485 communication channel),
  • relay outputs unit (BCD output for measured values ​​and signaling of limit values), optional,
  • analog outputs unit (used for analog outputs, 4-20mA, more measured values​​), optional.

Vemogs – processing unit is made in SMD technology, designed for an industrial applications. Data collection is done via a standard RS485 Modbus communication channel. Single input can communicate with a maximum of 32 probes.

The processing unit is equipped with a graphic display, on which can be read measured values​​. The keypad is used to scroll through the measurement values ​​and adjust the offset of measured values. Programming (parameterization) of processing unit is done through the USB port, with Windows software package that comes with the device.

The calculator has two galvanically separated analog outputs 4-20mA, and two galvanically separated RS485 communication channels that are used for connection to the measuring probe, and additional peripherals or superior system management.

Technical specifications

  • power supply 18 – 36V,
  • max. system consumption 5W,
  • language Croatian (English, German),
  • keyboard with 4 keys
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 2 communication channels RS232 and RS485
  • memory 512 measurement data with the possibility of extension

VEMOGS PROCESS SYSTEM provides a wide range of applications in industry, such as management of complex technological processes, measuring the level of groundwater and surface water over a wide area, control over public utilities without further digging in the streets, monitoring weather conditions and many other forms of application.