Bird chaser

Birds with their presence can be a huge problem for the aesthetic appearance of buildings and open spaces, but can also be a significant threat to human and animal health. The most common problem are the birds that live in colonies, and often inhabit areas where they are close to people. Bird droppings, feathers, dead birds and other contact with the birds can be a source of various diseases to humans, especially children. Also bird droppings except unwanted appearance, are a great threat to the various metal and other parts of buildings. Therefore it is necessary to try to keep the birds in a nature-close way at a respectful distance from area of human habitation.

Bird chaser is a suitable way to solve this problem. Bird chaser with high quality audio emits various predator birds sounds, and thus scares other birds that live in colonies, such as pigeons, crows, etc.

Bird chaser is used to chase birds from buildings (residential buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, closed garages, closed markets, churches, bridges …), but also in open areas (parks, squares, markets, beaches, landfills, agricultural lands …).

One device effectively covers an area up to 5,000 m2.