Turbine regulation revision at HPP Ozalj

Turbine regulation on HE Ozalj consists of hydro-mechanical equipment and electronic controllers MER.

The controller was produced by Litostroj in 1990, and installed in two power units 1175 kW. The nominal drop is 9,10 m, nominal flow 15,70 m3 and the rated speed is 300 r/min.

Both turbine controllers have been inspected for deficiencies and subsequent repair works were carried out to correct the identified faults, as well as preventive maintenance works related to the electronic part of the primary control. Further, we conducted the review of the hydromechanical equipment, adjustment of connections of stators and rotors and EHK. According to the adjusted connections further adjustments on electronic circuits on MER were made so that measurement data corresponds to the actual state of openings, with EHK, stator and rotor follow electrical orders coming from the MER. The review of the automatic start and stop unit sequence was also conducted. All network parameters, manual charge (High/Low), limiter function and statics of the generator, PID controller, electronic backdrop of the generator, function of the speed relays and frequency and level regulation were reviewed, as well as the complete signalization of MER.

Both turbine controllers work good and reliable and will continue to fully meet the operating requirements with regular maintenance.