Water level measurement at HPP Doblar

Until recently the measurements on the dam Jez Podselo were made only on the upper water level. With the new approach of water energy management is to attain complete overview of the movement of the water level flowing into the lake with the lake tributaries.

With the new system the upper and the lower water level on the dam Jez Podselo are measured, as well as of the two tributaries on the measuring points Most na Soči and Bača pri Modreju.

V-elin manufactured hydrostatic probes are used on all measuring points. The probes on the upper and lower water level are wire connected with the computational unit through the unit for galvanic isolation.

The probes are connected to the central computational unit that enables local display of measured values ​​(levels and water temperature), which is connected to the central SCADA power plant system through the RS485 Modbus communication. This connection is established with the optical communication. Central computational unit is manufactured by V-elin, and SCADA power plant system is manufactured by SIEMENS.

Central computational unit is equipped with GSM/GPRS communication modem with which it can collect data measured on the remote measuring points at Most na Soči and Bača pri Modreju.

Measuring points at Most na Soči and Bača pri Modreju have their own power supply through PV modules, batteries for periods without sun and a computational unit that ensures the operating of the whole system as well as the continued transfer of measuring signal to the central computational unit.